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Revuele gift set Mezoderm, 3 components

Revuele gift set Mezoderm, 3 components

Face cream + Hand cream, concetrate + Eye matrix gel. 

Day cream MezoDerm, 50 ml.

Professional revitalizing Face Cream is specially designed for use in the daytime, It is ideal as a base for make-up which corrects wrinkles. The UV filters complex protects the skin from harmful UV rays. The product contains COVA B TROX complex which includes active marine magnesium, extract of algae, polysaccharides, chicory root and maltose. This composition maintains constant renewal and nutrition for the skin at cellular level, its regeneration and rapid recovery, nutrition of dermis cells. The product provides muscle relaxation and blocks wrinkles, without the need for correction of facial expressions. Isoquercetin (a powerful antioxidant derived from vegetable raw materials) in the composition has capillary-protective effect, provides protection for blood vessels and increases their elasticity. Additionally, it relieves oedema syndrome and has a positive effect on the micro-circulation in the tissues. Day after day wrinkles are eliminated, deeper wrinkles are significantly reduced, the skin acquires volume, becomes more elastic and smooth. With the use of this product the skin will look much younger, preserving the unique identity of its facial expression.

Directions: apptywith soft massage movements every morning to cleansed face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Allow the cream to absorb for 10 min, then apply make-up. The recommended application course Is from 4 weeks.

Eye matrix gel MezoDerm, 25 ml.

Revitalizing Matrix Gel is designed specifically tor localization and blocking the wrinkles in the delicate eye contour area. The product contains COVA B TROX complex comprising active seawater magnesium, algae extract, polysaccharides, chicory root and maltose. As a non-invasive method, the complex works as a corrector of wrinkles, it smoothes and relaxes the skin. In addition to potent antioxidants, it reinforces the dermis and inhibits the breakdown of matrix, resulting in noticeable reduction in the appearance of fine lines and preventing new ones. COVA B TROX effects: relaxes muscle fibers; provides long-lasting hydration; provides skin recovery; promotes the persistent effect of smoothing facial wrinkles; is an alternative to biepharopiasty and surgical removal of age-related wrinkles and folds; evens skin tone and softens the skin, provides protective film. Silanol particles contained in the Matrix Gel penetrate into the deeper layers of delicate eyelid skin and promote natural reproduction of elastin, which fills expression lines and makes the skin more elastic. Isoquercetin (a powerful antioxidant derived tram vegetable raw materials) contained in the product has capillary-protective effect, provides protection for vessels and increases their elasticity, relieves edema syndrome, has positive effect on microcirculation In tissues. Due to the content of Emacomplex 231 (vegetable complex of extracts of horsetail, hamamelis, g inseng and licorice roots, hazelnut leaves, and ginkgo biloba), MatrixGel combats dark circles and swelling, tones, nourishes, soothes and refreshes the eye area.

Directions: apply on cleansed skin around the eyes with light patting motions until fully absorbed. Recommended course of use - from 4weeks.

Active cream, concentrate for hands MezoDerm, 50 ml.

High concentration product Is specifically designed for Intensive moisturizing, softening and protection of hands skin and nails. Designed for daily care, suitable for all skin types. The cream contains COVA B TROX complex which includes active marine magnesium, extract of algae, polysaccharides, chicory root and maltose. This composition slows down the process of premature skin aging, maintains its constant renewal at the cellular level, regeneration and rapid recovery. The product eliminates uneven pigmentation and age-related changes of the skin tone, influences the problem dry areas. Niacin, shea butter and vitamins A, E, F in the composition of the cosmetic product improve skin elasticity, promote reliable antioxidant protection, toning and softening, provide intense nourishment of dermis cells and strengthen nail structure, preventing their fragility and peeling. D-Panthenol, contained in the cream helps increase the strength of collagen fibers, stimulates active skin regeneration and normalizes cellular metabolism. It gently restores the skin of the hands after using detergents, provides smoothness and softness. The light texture of the cream is quickly absorbed, moisturizing the skin and maintaining the natural moisture level, leaving no feeling of greasy and wet hands.

Directions: apply the cream on hands and nails abundantly. For maximum moisturizing effect, it is recommended to apply the cream overnight and wear cotton gloves. Highly concentrated product of instant action will recover the skin even after a single application.

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