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Age Revive wrinkle lift soft emulsion

Age Revive wrinkle lift soft emulsion

For Waterproof make-up removal for face, eyes and lips. Light texture lets it be evenly distributed over the skin, the Serum Corrector is perfectly absorbed, filling microcracks, leaving no oily sheen or sticky film. The delicate texture forms a protective layer that retains moisture without letting it evaporate. The Coenzyme Q10 to slow the process of aging, smoothing existing wrinkles and preventing new ones. Panthenol intensely skin nourishes, increases the strength of collagen fibers and tones the blood vessels. The product is suitable for sensitive eyes skin.

Application: apply the cleanser on a cotton pad, remove make-up from the eye area, lips and face skin, rinse with water.

200 ml.

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  • Brand: Revuele
  • Product Code: R 901680
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  • 6.00лв.
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