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Age Revive hand and nail cream

Age Revive hand and nail cream

For youthful skin renewal. High concentration nourishing product is specially designed for intensive moisturizing, softening, protecting of the hand and nail skin. The cream has a powerful anti-aging formula that works on problem dry skin at the cellular level and restores from within, eliminating irregularities and maintaining the natural moisture level. The product based on stem cell extracts from alpine rose helps increase the moisture content in the skin and protect cells from stress exposure to irritating external factors. The stem cells of the rose contain important anti-aging peptide that stops the aging process and accelerates collagen synthesizing. The product eliminates uneven pigmentation and age-related changes of the skin tone, influences the problem dry areas. Due to the content of Coenzyme Q10 the product improves skin relief, slowing down the process of fading, smoothing out existing wrinkles and preventing the appearance of new ones. The Hand and nail cream is a source of protein and collagen for optimal skin hydration, cell regeneration and strengthening of the hydrolipidic layer.The product promotes deep cellular restoration and visible reduction of wrinkles. Designed for daily care, suitable for all skin types.

Directions: put some cream on the pure hand skin and nails.

50 ml.

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  • Brand: Revuele
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