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Age Revive eye contour serum corrector

Age Revive eye contour serum corrector

High concentration product lifts and refreshes the skin of the eyelids, enriching with nutrients, restoring its healthy appearance.  The Serum Corrector promotes the development of elastin, has a lifting effect. The skin around the eyes becomes elastic, moisturized for a long time and protected from the harmful impact of the environment. Due to the content of Coenzyme Q10 the product improves skin relief, slowing down the process of fading, smoothing out existing wrinkles and preventing the appearance of new ones. The Serum Corrector is a source of protein and collagen for optimal skin hydration, cell regeneration and strengthening of the hydrolipidic layer. Light texture lets it be evenly distributed over the skin, the Serum Corrector is perfectly absorbed, filling microcracks, leaving no oily sheen or sticky film. The delicate texture forms a protective layer that retains moisture without letting it evaporate.

How to use: Spread some cream on the clear skin around eyes by easy patting motionsto complete absorbtion.

25 ml.

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  • Brand: Revuele
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