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Slim & Detox anti-cellulite cream with caffeine

-43% Slim & Detox anti-cellulite cream with caffeine

Active caffeine complex. Improves muscle tone, making skin more elastic and smoother. Restores the tone and elasticity of the skin, gives lifting effect, reduces sagging, stretch marks and "orange peel" look. Promotes lymph flow and removes toxins; moisturizes and softens, accelerates metabolism, eliminates excess fluid from tissues, correcting the silhouette. Helps to burn fat and turn it into energy, allowing you to lose weight with the benefits for the body.

The velvety soft and smooth cream actively fights cellulite and formation of fat deposits, improving skin elasticity and eliminating the "orange peel" look. "Slimming complex" activates the metabolic processes in the skin, improves circulation and normalizes lymph flow, contributing to the gradual reduction of subcutaneous fat deposits and skin tightening. Plant extracts actively regenerate and nourish the skin. Application: apply on cleansed skin and massage for several minutes. To enhance the effect of the cream, problem areas could be wrapped in a plastic film for 10-20 minutes. Afterwards the excess of the cream should be removed with a napkin. Regular use is recommended.

200 ml.

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