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Bio active skin care Peptids & Retinol V-shape cream

Bio active skin care Peptids & Retinol V-shape cream

The peptide-retinoid complex in the cream formula of this product line has effective rejuvenating activity: it stimulates the regeneration of phytoblasts (cells of skin tissues), improves blood circulation, microcirculation processes and collagen production. The result is strengthening and lifting, enhanced texture, tone and skin humidity. This cream has an expressed instant revitalizing effect without injections. Thanks to the combined action of the active components of the cream a muscle relaxing effect is achieved which is similar to the botox effect, facial lines smooth out, the skin looks more even-toned and young throughout the day.

Directions: apply onto cleansed skin of your face, neck and decollete.

50 ml.

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  • Brand: Revuele
  • Product Code: R 902519
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