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Eye contour cream

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REVUELE Collagen Expert Multi-Active Fluid for the eye contour, 25 ml New

REVUELE Collagen Expert Multi-Active Fluid for the eye contour, 25 ml

Highly Effective Multi-active fluid is specifically designed for the sensitive skin around the eyes...

5.90лв. Ex Tax: 4.92лв.

Age Revive eye contour serum corrector

High concentration product lifts and refreshes the skin of the eyelids, enriching with nutrients, re..

5.90лв. Ex Tax: 4.92лв.

Argan Oil eye contour elixir

Specifically designed to protect delicate skin around the eyes from negative impact of external fact..

5.90лв. Ex Tax: 4.92лв.

Bio active skin care 3D hyaluron tightening eye hydro gel

The first age-specific changes usually appear in particular around your eye area – here the skin is ..

6.60лв. Ex Tax: 5.50лв.

Hydralift Hyaluron eye contour gel filler

Anti-fatigue and dark circles. Highly-effective filler gel based on stabilized hyaluronic acid is sp..

5.90лв. Ex Tax: 4.92лв.

Mezoderm eye matrix gel

Revitalizing Matrix Gel is designed specifically for localization and blocking the wrinkles in the d..

6.90лв. Ex Tax: 5.75лв.

Revuele Bioactive skin care RETINOL+PEPTIDES Intensive -54% 2-3 Days

Revuele Bioactive skin care RETINOL+PEPTIDES Intensive

This is a highly effective anti-age eye contour cream that significantly reduces the visibility of d..

6.50лв. 3.00лв. Ex Tax: 3.00лв.

Revuele Bioactive Skincare COLLAGEN+ ELASTIN Eye wrinkle volume-filler treatment

Fast lifting and refines skin’s texture . Efficient needle-free correction of skin lacking tonicity ..

5.90лв. Ex Tax: 4.92лв.

REVUELE EXPERT+ BOTOX Effect serum, 25ml

Revuele Botox Effect serum contains peptides and hyaluronic acid which soothe the delicate skin arou..

5.90лв. Ex Tax: 4.92лв.

Vitanorm C+ energy hydrogel eye serum

This revitalising vitamin enriched serum effectively activates the cell energy of the delicate and s..

5.90лв. Ex Tax: 4.92лв.