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Facial cleansing, masks, pilling gels

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Face peeling gel with AHA fruit acids

The AHA-acids Face Peeling Gel rejuvenates and exfoliates the skin, without abrasive particles, to r..

5.70лв. Ex Tax: 4.75лв.

Face peeling gel with charcoal

The Charcoal Peeling Gel gently exfoliates the skin, without abrasive particles, to remove dead skin..

5.70лв. Ex Tax: 4.75лв.

Face peeling gel with snail filtrate

Тhe Snail Filtrate Face Peeling Gel gently cleanses the skin without abrasive particles, leaving ski..

5.70лв. Ex Tax: 4.75лв.

Vitanorm C+Energy delicate pilling for face

This smart product is developed to have three actions: delicate pilling, soft exfoliation and restor..

6.90лв. Ex Tax: 5.75лв.

Cleansing and Detox scrub with cosmetic clay and Shea butter

A gentle formula with delicate exfoliating particles that brings softness to the skin. Kaolin, a ric..

5.90лв. Ex Tax: 4.92лв.

Delicate face gommage with clay and cinnamon

An antioxidant product for deep skin cleansing. Thanks to the exfoliating granules, it moisturizes a..

5.90лв. Ex Tax: 4.92лв.

Energy exfoliating gel for face cleansing with Noni and Regenine

A vitamin cocktail for regenerating, toning and giving a fresh skin appearance by actively participa..

5.90лв. Ex Tax: 4.92лв.

Revuele Bioactive skin care RETINOL+PEPTIDES Еlasticity restoring face mask

This product provides a deep restoration and increase the cell renewal processes, it soothes the pig..

5.90лв. Ex Tax: 4.92лв.