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Hair mask Colour Gloss & Protect for coloured hair

Liquid silk is a silk peptide or hydrolysed silk protein, it is obtained from the silkworm pod throu..

6.00лв. Ex Tax: 5.00лв.

Hair mask Extra Volume for thin and weak hair

Arginine stimulates hair growth, helps increase hair density and reduce hair loss. Hair looks younge..

6.00лв. Ex Tax: 5.00лв.

Hair mask Hot Therapy with thermo effect

Extract of Cayenne Red Pepper - creates a heating effect on the skin it strengthens the hair, accele..

6.00лв. Ex Tax: 5.00лв.

Hair mask Keraplex Repair

A professional hair treatment that recovers hair after chemical, thermal and mechanical treatment su..

6.00лв. Ex Tax: 5.00лв.

Hair mask oil therapy with various oils

Argan oil contains 80% of unsaturated fatty acids, including oligolinoleic acids and omega-acids 6 a..

6.00лв. Ex Tax: 5.00лв.

Hair mask Total Repair for damaged, britle and dried hair

Keratin is a natural protein, an important part of the hair structure. A sufficient amount of kerati..

6.00лв. Ex Tax: 5.00лв.

Revuele gift set 2 Hamam Secret, 2 components

Hair shampoo + Hair mask. The useful properties of the Ghassoul clay, aslo known as Rhassoul, h..

9.90лв. Ex Tax: 8.25лв.