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Micellar Water

Micellar Water
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Micellar solution for sensitive eyes

A special formula with high contents of hydrating and toning ingredients delicately removes make-up ..

3.70лв. Ex Tax: 3.08лв.

Micellar water for all skin types

With Lipomoist complex and Magnolia extract. A special formula with high contents of hydrating and t..

3.70лв. Ex Tax: 3.08лв.

REVUELE Collagen Expert Micellar Gel New

REVUELE Collagen Expert Micellar Gel

The Micellar Gel gently cleans and refreshes skin without causing tightness. Collagen helps to incre..

4.70лв. Ex Tax: 3.92лв.

Revuele Active Micellar Water

Effectively cleanses the skin, removes make-up and other impurities. Active ingredients help to ener..

6.00лв. Ex Tax: 5.00лв.

Revuele VITANORM C+Energy Micellar Water

Activation of cell energyRemoves impurities with one movementFor gentle removal of makeup from your ..

4.82лв. Ex Tax: 4.02лв.

Hydralift Hyaluron micellar express lotion

Lotion make-up remover for eyes and lips. A refreshing non-greasy formula of the product is des..

4.90лв. Ex Tax: 4.08лв.

Revuele Soothing Micellar Water

The Micellar Water gently cleanses skin, removing dirt and sebum whilst deeplynourishing the skin. E..

6.00лв. Ex Tax: 5.00лв.

REVUELE HYDRA THERAPY 5in1 Micellar water for face, eyes and lips

The micellar water gently cleanses skin. Easily removes make-up, dirt and sebum whilst also deeply m..

6.00лв. Ex Tax: 5.00лв.