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Cleansing Lotions

Cleansing Lotions
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REVUELE Collagen Expert Micellar Gel New

REVUELE Collagen Expert Micellar Gel

The Micellar Gel gently cleans and refreshes skin without causing tightness. Collagen helps to incre..

4.70лв. Ex Tax: 3.92лв.

Aragan Oil Bi-Phase waterproof make-up remover

The product is designed for gentle cleansing and waterproof make-up removal. Effectively removes dir..

4.70лв. Ex Tax: 3.92лв.

Cleansing foam with chamomile infusion

Mild facial wash provides a deep cleaning, thoroughly remove dirt and cosmetics. Thanks to the activ..

5.90лв. Ex Tax: 4.92лв.

Dr. Richards organic foam with natural extracts

Gentle air foam provides a delicate washing, deep cleanses the skin, removes excess sebum and impuri..

4.70лв. Ex Tax: 3.92лв.

Dr. Richards oxygen mousse with light texture

Soft air mousse gently cleanses the skin, easy to dissolve and remove greasy dirt, make-up residues...

4.70лв. Ex Tax: 3.92лв.

No Problem washing foam anti-acne and pimples

With Salicylic Acid. Provides deep cleansing and disinfecting effect, helps the skin restore its pro..

6.90лв. Ex Tax: 5.75лв.

Revuele Bioactive skin care RETINOL+PEPTIDES Delicate Daily Facial Cleanse New

Revuele Bioactive skin care RETINOL+PEPTIDES Delicate Daily Facial Cleanse

Optimize the performance of your anti-aging products with this luxurious daily cleanser, that remove..

4.70лв. Ex Tax: 3.92лв.

NO PROBLEM Washing gel with tea tree oil

Thanks to tea tree oil the gel provides deep antibacterial cleansing of problem skin. Narrows the po..

4.90лв. Ex Tax: 4.08лв.